03 Aug

Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Time Of The Year

Summer is the best time of the year -- who's with us? Before we get to the reasons why summer is the best time of the year, let's break down some bonus reasons. Blockbuster movies...

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20 Jul

The Best Drinks To Enjoy On A Hot Summer Day

The summer is calling, and so are all of the delicious, iced cold beverages that taste amazing when the temperatures are blazing. In the spirit of it being summer -- you know, the best time...

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07 Jul

How To Beat The Heat All Summer Long

We can prepare for the hotter months all we want, but the summer heat is always going to get the best of us. That is why it is so important to try and stay cool....

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24 Jun

Party Ideas That Will Make Your 4th Of July Legendary

It's time to break out the patriotic decorations and your red, white and blue outfits -- because the 4th of July is just around the corner! It is also time to break out your epic...

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15 Jun

5 Must-Haves At Your Epic Pool Party

It might not officially be summer (June 20 can't come soon enough), but it might as well be. After all, the temperatures are really starting to heat up, and summer events, such as a pool...

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